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You can make a difference…
What if you could help us change the world and at the same time take your business, ministry or organization to the next level? That is the mission of En Theos Software Group.
We have assembled a team of exceptionally gifted Software Engineers, Program Managers and others who desire to use their God-given talents for more than just making rich shareholders of large Corporations even richer. This team has decades of combined experience executing world class Fortune 500 level projects for both commercial and government customers across a wide variety of domains. And now… we turn that experience towards something much more important.

So how does it work?

The heart of our mission is to provide exciting careers to individuals who would otherwise not have the opportunity. (Here is where you come in…) We do this by using real-world website, digital marketing and software projects to provide them with real-world training and income.

You get your website or project implemented with the support of world-class Engineers and Project Management in a way that is not normally available to small businesses, ministries and organizations. We use your business to further our mission of training, providing needed income and career development to real people in our local community. This is the type of real “Win-Win” that seems to present itself when people are focused on helping each other and living in Community.

The same heart that leads us to provide this ministry leads us to a genuine desire to see you succeed. We genuinely care about our clients and building ongoing Community.

Take a look at some of the Services that we offer for organizations like your own and if you are ready to get started, fill out the Collaboration form below and we will be in contact.


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    Website Development

    Whether you need a basic site that funnels future customers to your inbox or a state of the art e-commerce web application, we are ready to collaborate with you to see your vision become a reality.

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    Website Enhancement

    Do you have an existing site that you are ready to take to the next level? Are you looking to add the ability to accept payments online, add direct social media integration or some other high value addition? We provide quick turnaround projects that turn your wish list into a reality and bolster your credibility to your clients in this increasingly digital age.

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    Digital Marketing Campaigns

    Whether you are looking for new clients for your business, new partners for your ministry or new readers for your cutting edge blog, Digital Marketing is the answer. Long gone are the days where older forms of Marketing were effective. We can partner with you to customize a marketing campaign that only shows up in front of the people who are looking for the services you provide at exactly the time they need them. In fact, if your clients consist of multiple representative groups we can create distinct campaigns that target each group individually. No one knows your customers like you do. We help you turn that knowledge into new clients. Click here to see our —> Digital Marketing Campaigns Page.

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    Custom Software

    Ready to replace that frustrating piece of software that your business relies on? Have an idea that can change the world as we know it (or at least make it a bit easier to operate in)?

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    Mobile Applications

    Ready to put access to your services into the hands of your customers? Ready to provide a next level mobile application to your staff for use either in-office or out in the field?

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